The due date for entering national phase in Belarus – 31 months from the earliest priority date.

The executed Power of Attorney shall be submitted with the receiving Office upon filing.


Translation of the Application from English into Russian.

Official filing Fee (1st independent claim) – EUR 80

Official filing Fee for each next independent claim – EUR 32

The applicant may, before the date of the decision taken by the Office granting the patent, submit a request to the Authorized Body to convert the patent application into a utility model application. The utility model application may be converted into a patent application at any time before the decision to grant is taken. The converted application shall have the priority date of the date of the initial application.

Substantive examination:

Examination must be requested within three years from the international filing date. That period may not be extended or reinstated. If the request for examination is not received within that said period, the application will be considered withdrawn.

Official Fee for conducting the substantive examination per one independent claim of the invention – EUR 480

In respect of each claim over 1: Official Fee – EUR 384

In respect of each claim over 10: Official Fee – EUR 16

Please kindly take into attention that in respect to Belarusian national entry the examination fee is reduced by 50% where an international search report or an international preliminary examination report has been established.

Granting a Patent for Invention:

Grant fee: registration, publication and issuance of a patent – EUR 160