The due date for entering national phase in Georgia – 31 months from the earliest priority date .

If the international application is for a utility model, the applicant must note the following requirements, which differ somewhat from those for patents:

  1. the application may not be in respect of more than one invention. Utility model protection does not cover the strains of micro-organisms, plant and animal tissue cultures, substances obtained by chemical methods, biotechnological and genetic engineering objects, use for a new purpose.
  2. the application must contain only one claim. The utility model is subject to examination as to novelty by considering the registered application and patents granted by the Office.

A publication and grant fee (for publication of the utility model specification and for issuing and maintaining the utility model for the first two years) must be paid within three months after the decision by the Office to grant the utility model.


Translation of the Application from English into Georgian.

Official filing Fee – EUR 72

Official Fee for claiming priority – EUR 96

Granting a Patent for Invention:

Grant fee: registration, publication and issuance of a patent – EUR 160