The due date for entering national phase in Kyrgyzstan – 31 months from the earliest priority date.

Please kindly take into attention that fees are reduced by 90% where the applicant is a natural person or a non-commercial organization and by 70% where the applicant is a small enterprise.


Translation of the Application from English into Russain.

Official filing Fee (1st independent claim) – EUR 88

Official filing Fee for each next independent claim – EUR 32

Substantive examination:

The examination fee is reduced by 25% where an international search report has been established and by 50% where an international preliminary examination report has been established.

The Office examines patent applications. At the request of the applicant, the Office will examine the application with or without conducting examination as to substance.

The request for examination must be filed within 30 months from the date of entry into the national phase. If the request is not filed within the prescribed time limit, the application is considered withdrawn.

Official Fee for conducting the substantive examination per one independent claim of the invention – EUR 160

In respect of each claim over 1: Official Fee – EUR 80

Granting a Patent for Invention:

Grant fee: registration, publication and issuance of a patent – EUR 96

Official Fee for publication in excess of 35 pages – EUR 8