To file a design application we need:

  • Applicant’s information (name and address);
  • Designer’s information (name and address);
  • Representations of a design (photos or drawings).

The number of representations and views is free but shall be sufficient to give a complete idea of the design.
- Power of Attorney


Official Fee for filing of application and substantive examination (paid at once) – EUR 65

Additional Fee for filing of each next claim of dominant feature over 1 – EUR 4

Additional Fee for substantive examination of each industrial design from generating a group over 1 (whole and part) – EUR 35

Additional Fee for each variant of industrial design over 1 – EUR 8

Please be informed that for claiming Conventional priority the application has to be filed in Russia within six months from the earliest priority date.

After the filing in three months period term the certified copy of priority Application has to be submitted with the Russian Patent Office.


Official granting Fee – EUR 85