The due date for entering national phase in Ukraine – 31 months from the earliest priority date.


Translation of the Application from English into Ukrainian.

Official filing Fee (first three claims) – EUR 83

Official Fee for each additional claim after 3d – EUR 11

Granting a Patent for Utility model:

Grant fee: registration and issuance of a patent – EUR 80

Official Fee for publication – EUR 24

Official Annual Fee for 1st/2d year of validity (per each)– EUR 32

Time frame for utility model:

It is usually takes approximately 6 months for the Utility Model Patent to be granted.

All fees (except from granting Fee) are reduced by 95% where all applicants are also inventors and by 90% where all applicants are also non-profit institutions and/or organizations. When the fees are payable with relation to an application made by both types of applicant, and all applicants are either also inventors, or non-profit institutions and/or organizations, the fees are reduced by 90%.