The due date for entering national phase in Uzbekistan – 31 months from the earliest priority date.


Translation of the Application from English into Russian.

Official filing Fee – EUR 336

Official Fee for each additional claim – EUR 168

Substantive examination:

Official Fee for conducting substantive examination of first independent claim – EUR 1008

Official Fee for each next independent claim of invention – EUR 1008

We would like to draw your attenion that it is not necessary to file all mentioned in one application independent claims, as in first two months there is such a possibility to decide which claims will be filed and examined, by this no additional Fee is foreseen.

In two months the same would require the payment of EUR 168 for recording amendments. It is also possible to prepare the version of invention claim especially for examination in Uzbekistan, if such would be required by Applicant.

Granting a Patent for Invention:

Grant fee: registration and issuance of a patent – EUR 668