Tatyana Zhevlakova

Patent and Trademark Attorney

Tatyana became a part of the IPR Group in June of 2014 and has since been advising clients on a wide range of trademark-related issues, prepared hundreds of trademark applications, renewal petitions, drafted oppositions, numerous responses to office actions, handling ownership changes with regards to trademarks, as well as advising on trademark infringement matters. Tatyana has accumulated a total of 46 years to the service of Intellectual Property.

Born in Harbin, China, Tatyana graduated from Secondary School in Dalian (near Port Arthur). In 1954, she moved to Kazakhstan in the Soviet Union (USSR) along with her parents, and in the same year enrolled at the Abai State Pedagogical Institute to major in Physics and Mathematics and graduated in 1958.

Tatyana started work in 1966 as a patent specialist, an engineer of the patent and information department of the research institute, Kazmekhanobr and she participated in the First All-Union Conference for the Protection of State Interests in Inventions and Discoveries held in Leningrad from June 30 to July 1, 1966. Having her work being discontinued in 1967, she took the Central Courses of Advanced Training (VGKPI) and then went on to give lectures on “Description of an Invention” in the VGKPI branch of her Alma-Ata from years 1967 to1969.

She graduated from the Central Institute of Advanced Training in Patenting as a patent specialist in 1975. In 1984 Tatyana was attested by the commission of the State Committee for Inventions and Discoveries of the USSR and the Central Council of the All-Union Society of Inventors and Rationalizers to conduct classes on “Expert Examination of Engineering Objects for Novelty” and “Patenting and Sale of Objects Abroad”. She gave courses of lectures on “Principles of Patenting” at the natural science departments of Kazakh State University and another series on “Patenting and Sale of Licenses” at the Public Institute of Patenting under the Regional Council of the All-Union Society of Inventors and Rationalizers at her Alma-Ata. Tatyana delivered reports at republic conferences as well as in the line of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the USSR and the Ministry of Education of the USSR devoted to patenting and commercial sale of inventions in the cities of Moscow, Riga, Kiev, Tashkent, etc.

From 1969 to 1994, Tatyana worked as the head of the patent group, then the head of the patent and license department of Kirov Kazakh State University. During her work at Kazakh State University, the patent and license department annually filed 100 applications for inventions created by University inventors, with 90% of positive decisions to issue patents.

Cooperation with the Licenznauka firm of Licenzintorg foreign trade association started in 1983. Negotiations with foreign firms on licensing were conducted with the demonstration of a licensing subject in laboratory and production conditions with firms of Australia, USA, Norway, Sweden, Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and other countries.

From 1994 Tatyana was a patent agent of Kazakhstan (registration number 8).

From 1996, she became a Eurasian patent agent (registration number 78).

In 1994, as a patent agent and member of the Russian group, Tatyana participated in a training seminar in a firm of patent agents in Munich (DE) with a visit to the German Patent and Trade Mark Office and the European Patent Office and then the Patent Offices of Switzerland (1998), Israel (1999), Australia and Hong Kong (2000), Spain and Portugal (2001), the Netherlands (2009) and firms of patent agents in these countries.

She took an active part in seminars and conferences held by the Patent Office of Kazakhstan where she delivered reports and was awarded an anniversary medal in honor of the 20-year anniversary of the Patent Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Tatyana also participated in seminars and conferences held by the Patent Office of the Russian Federation, Eurasian Patent Office, LES Russia of which she had been a member since the foundation, together with the firm, Gorodissky & Partners, Board of Patent Agents of the Russian Federation (Moscow) and St. Petersburg Board of Patent Agents.

Tatyana was awarded an anniversary medal in view of the 20th year anniversary of the republic’s patent office. In 2012, St. Petersburg Board of Patent Agents awarded to T. V. Zhevlakova the medal “Veteran of Russian Patent Service”.

Today, Tatyana Vladimirovna Zhevlakova continues to conduct her activities in this same fashion as she believes that this work which she loves is to her the elixir of life.

In her free time she enjoys reading detective stories, visiting theaters, and traveling.

Languages: English, Russian