IPR group's translation services are focused specifically on patent and technical translations.

Our translation experts work yearly on hundreds of patent applications, entering to the national phase in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Moldova and the regional phase to the EAPO.

Soon after its foundation in 1999, the IPR group became the ultimate solution provider with regards to patent translation and filings, specializing in various industries. We provide swift and exceptional technical translations at cost-effective fees, embracing the working languages of the Patent Offices of the above mentioned 12 CIS countries, namely Russian (7 countries of the CIS and EAPO) – Ukrainian - Romanian - Georgian - Armenian - Azerbaijani.

Our translation services are available for English, Russian, German, French, Spanish and Italian patent applications.


Patent translations

It is known that patent translation can pose quite a challenge even for the best of translators. A patent translation must be clear, precise and completely unambiguous, allowing clients to precisely estimate the scope of rights for their future effective enforcement. Translators are faced with the demanding requirements of translating very specific terms without any altering of the meanings.

We completely realize that patent translation requires an in-depth knowledge of two of the most sophisticated translation backgrounds: technical and legal. Both of these advanced forms of translation require a deep understanding and knowledge of a large amount of complex terminology, details and legal aspects.

Translation and preparing of PCT applications for submission to patent offices is one of our main expertise and our routine work. Almost daily we prepare and file new applications and we manage hundreds of cases yearly. We represent our clients at the national Patent Offices of all CIS countries and EAPO. We prepare all translations in compliance with patent legislation and valid rules of prosecution of national patent offices. We have checks put in place to ensure that these translations are prepared expertly and in accordance with all applicable requirements, and our costs do not contain any additional or hidden fees.

Our company provides a full service for the preparation of translations. In providing first-rate translations and services to our clients, we use the TEP format for our work. We provide all three steps of the TEP work format (translation of the text, editing of the text and proofreading the target text) in general as well as individually for subject case. We work also with the DTP format, and we provide OCR conversion services.

We have years of experience of work for agencies and patent firms who are in charge of a large number of patent translation and PCT entries. We are the "last stop" in the process of patent translations and further filings of PCT entries to the patent offices of the CIS countries and EAPO. Our services fully comply with the international standards of patent translation and prosecution for top level clientele.

Our experienced experts of diverse fields guarantee the accuracy of translation work for obtaining, licensing and protection of the full scope of IP rights. Thereafter, Patent Attorneys who are familiar with the requirements of examination will carefully proofread and certify each translation work for further filing of patent applications for PCT national phase entry.