GRUR Annual Meeting in Dresden. October 5-7, 2022

IPR Group team attended this year’s GRUR meeting in Dresden. It was lovely to join the IP community from Germany, EU and other member states after a long period of COVID quarantine, and despite the heavy war in Ukraine.

This time the participants gathered at the International Congress Centre at the heart of sunny and charming Dresden. Patent and trademark attorneys, lawyers, and representatives of different universities met to discuss new developments in IP law and practices of the IP offices. Current legal issues from academia and private practices were analysed and discussed during the special committee sessions.

Lively discussions in the inspiring atmosphere encouraged ideas and the exchange of views regarding acute topics of patent and trademark prosecution, anti-suit injunctions, plant variety’s peculiarities of protection, enforcement and remuneration after implementation of the DSM system, unfair competition law and many others.

The Conference also provided a great opportunity to meet old friends, as well as to make  new ones.

As is tradition, the conference topics were combined with an extended social program. Participants enjoyed the warm autumn weather, walking down beautiful Dresden streets, sight-seeing tours around the city and a visit to Silicon Saxony –  Europe’s largest micro-electronics/ICT chips manufacturer and the fifth largest in the world.

A fabulous dinner and a receptions of the IP Community took place in the small palace courtyard of the Residential Palace Dresden – exceptional and remarkable in the historical and cultural sense.  Special thanks to the exceptional GRUR team who made this event a memorable one.

Our team has since returned to Kyiv, however we hope that this conference becomes a significant step in our return to international IP life.

IPR continues its activities in intellectual property rights protection, giving the utmost importance and priority to the requests of our clients, providing them with top level quality service with each exchange.

During this war we have discovered new dimensions to our work, considering our activities in the field of IP, which represent an existential standoff to the end of civilization – what IP systems are to chaos. A chaos which has been brought about by enemies of progress, innovation and of a free state. A chaos which we are sure to overcome and build a better and more evolved Ukraine.