There is a rapid adoption of automation technology currently impacting the field of agriculture. Plant genetics and autosteer in tractors are beginning to play a greater role in a bid to increase crop yields and complete more work in less time. These types of technologies and innovations as well agricultural biotechnologies and innovations for better food preservation are geared towards solving world hunger and improving the quality of our food in general.

Patents, licensing of patents, trademarks and other key spheres of Intellectual Property play a huge role in the business of agriculture based innovation. New plant varieties and food nanotechnology need to adhere to the rules and therefore skim through a lot of legalities prior to production and long before the produce can get to the end consumer. Producers usually have to scale a number of hurdles and our team is adequately equipped to assist.

Our Patent and Trademark Attorneys in addition to intellectual property certification have degrees and valuable years of experience in industry and scientific research which gives them an in-depth understanding of the needs of our clients and enables them provide better strategies in the prosecution and protection of their innovations.