Automotive Technology

The protection of Intellectual Property is important in every sphere of business and plays a huge role in automotive technology. Up to 165,000 cars are produced everyday with each possessing about 30,000 parts in the provision of services which require protection from exploitation. This protection is key to the success of this business.

The current trends of autonomous vehicles, electric vehicles and digitized cars are completely transforming manufacturing processes. These trends are paving the way for more and brand new innovations in the industry. Manufacturing plants are becoming increasingly automated to decrease defect rates and increase productivity. Electric cars are fast becoming a part of everyday life and the world of automotives is constantly evolving.  Not to mention the growing project on self-driving cars. Automobile manufacturers and suppliers are faced with new technical solutions, new directions, capabilities and inventions daily. And each of these is in demand of much needed protection from misuse on the market.

Our team has the experience and wherewithal of adequately managing the portfolios of our automotive clientele. We provide them the best in the protection of their products and technical solutions while strengthening our relationships both old and new. We provide filing and prosecution of patent applications in various spheres of the industry and processing numbers of trademark applications, compiling the IP portfolio and invisible assets of our clients.

Henry ford once said “quality means doing it right even when no one is looking”. Keeping in the same practice, our team of patent engineers is adequately equipped with experience and knowledge in this sector to understand the needs of our clients. Thereby providing quality service in the protection of the rights of our automotive clientele, allowing them the peace of mind they deserve in the knowledge that their inventions are sufficiently protected.

Here you can learn more about our accumulated trademark practice on the manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors of the automotive industry.