Constant research in molecular and cell biology produces patents in all aspects of the science. Genomics, human genetics and DNA technologies have proven to have commercial value, and are scientifically fundamental. There are innovations on clinical methods and testing and other related discoveries which require licenses or patents prior to production. The protection of this intellectual property is vital to the industry and its advancement.

The Patent and Trademark Attorneys of the IPR Group have in addition to intellectual property certification, degrees and valuable years of experience in industry and scientific research which gives them an in-depth understanding of the needs of our clients and enables them provide better strategies in the prosecution and protection of their innovations.

We work from the filing stage to grant of protection, providing invaluable counsel to our clients every step of the way. In filing registrations, responding to refusals or office actions, appealing the decision of the examination to bring about a positive outcome, our team communicates with the client effectively, to produce the desired result in the protection of their products and biological solutions.