There has been a steady rise on patents for biological AI technology and industrial biotechnology over the years and patent applications are a good indicator of progress and developments in any field. Biological AI technology is the future of healthcare. With the challenges of an ageing population and globalization aiding in the spread of disease, innovations in biology and AI are providing us with the solutions we need. Discoveries of lower cost drugs, better and more effective treatment methods, and technologies which can predict and slow the spread of pandemic outbreaks are just some of the ongoing innovations in biotechnology. Innovations on industrial biotechnology on the other hand have seen an increase in demand as renewable resources which eliminate harmful byproducts are becoming more popular and industries are rejecting petroleum-based products.

The protection of these innovations are vital to their success in the industry as businesses leverage on licensing, sales and partnerships, and also do what they can to evade any type of unfair advantage. The patent attorneys and experts on our team with degrees in this branch of science have experience which enables them understand the intricacies involved and thereby adequately inform our clients. They understand their needs and provide them quality service to the success of their enterprises.

Our services include patent filing or registration, responding to office actions or appealing the decisions of the examination in any of the countries of the CIS and the EAPO. Our clients are confident that they can count on us for top quality service. We are well aware of the critical and time consuming nature of this industry. This is why our experts work promptly and seamlessly to provide each and every one the best in protecting their diverse range of inventions.