Chemical Engineering

There are major transformations in chemical engineering which are churning out new innovations on a higher scale. There is a demand on the society for cleaner technologies as well as performance chemicals and materials. This is resulting in research and innovation in topics like Process Intensification (PI), which is leading to the search of novel reactor configurations. There’s also innovations developing in Interfacial Science and Engineering, the Engineering of Small Systems and much more.

These changes are creating a transition into borderless chemical engineering science where the role of chemical engineering is widening and overlapping, albeit seamlessly with other disciplines. The protection of intellectual property is vital with each new development and the IPR Group is well poised and experienced in handling such a demand in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and each one of the CIS countries efficiently.

The processes in this field are designed from the initial stage up to the end, to account for every environmental issue. This can seem complex; however our team is made up of experts of different scientific and engineering spheres who completely understand the intricacies of these chemical engineering innovations and are able to guide and counsel our clients productively.