Food Chemistry

Recent trends in food chemistry include innovations in food processing techniques and results from new research on the interactions of the biological and non-biological components of our food. Atomic force microscopy (AFM) is being employed in the research of various polysaccharides, used to visualize them in “near-native” conditions. New biosensors assist farmers in screening pathogens and producing safe food. Also new imaging techniques are being developed to monitor the ripening and maturing of fruit in non-invasive and non-destructive ways.

These and numerous other inventions in the field of food chemistry require efficient IP protection in retaining its value and being productive to the businesses involved. These inventions help ensure that food is produced and processed in safer ways which maximize their potential. With constant research in this field of ample discoveries, the value of protecting intellectual property cannot be underestimated against any unfair advantage or rights infringement which might threaten their value.

Our team of IP attorneys with degrees in science as well as experience in dealing with clients and cases in this department, provide quality services which expertly guide our clients, old and new in the protection of their discoveries and inventions to the progress of this field.