Food Technology

Innovations in food continue to rise as the new health wave and revolutionary technological developments pave the way for more options. New inventions are underway for devices which can produce snacks with just the right ingredients in the right portions to provide us our individual micronutrients for the day after this has been analyzed through personalized smart devices. Also companies are developing new and better ways to fight food waste with machine learning, tracking and analytics for right-sizing portions and other new ideas. The new drive to eat healthy also has food production companies creating organic versions of their products to attract consumers.

These and many other changes and innovations in the food technology industry are in constant need of protection from competition and unfair advantage. Our clients who face increasing competition daily in emerging and developing markets rely on us to provide adequate protection of their assets and intellectual property.

This is why the IPR Group team, understanding the value of this protection, provides in-depth insight in the workings of IP legislation to give our clients top-quality service in every aspect of their business.