Industrial Engineering

The top three trends impacting industrial engineering today include the lowering of energy consumption, minimizing of environmental impact, and a focus on automation. These are giving rise to innovations in spheres like robotics where robots driven by software and vision systems are programmed to perform a variety of tasks to fulfil the demand on flexible manufacturing. Also smarter buildings are being designed to reduce energy waste, and new methods in lean manufacturing are being introduced to the same end.

Manufacturing, production and design engineers are inclining in the direction of these trends, changing equipment and methods of production to take advantage of the opportunities made available by these innovations. Our team of attorneys with adequate experience in this sphere of engineering and its demands, adequately manage the portfolios of our numerous clientele to the efficient protection of these innovations.

We provide the best in the protection of industrial products and technical solutions, while strengthening our relationships both old and new. Our services include the filing and prosecution of industrial engineering patent applications in various spheres of the industry and processing numbers of trademark applications, compiling the IP portfolio and invisible assets of our clients.