The manufacturing industry is incorporating new methods and technologies as a solution to problems and navigating challenges. These new technologies are changing the way manufacturers produce, manage operations and serve their customers. The new developments include the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), which connects software, devices and systems in a way that enables manufacturers access information and make decisions in real time. It also includes robotics and the automation of many processes which used to be manual and manned by humans. There’s also augmented reality (AR), 3D printing and machine learning for more intelligent decision making in production.

These innovations are but a few in the manufacturing industry which are increasing possibilities on the market. Manufacturers are inclining in the direction of these trends, changing equipment and methods of production to take advantage of the opportunities made available by these innovations. Our team of attorneys with adequate experience in this sphere as well as its demands, adequately manage the portfolios of our numerous clientele to the efficient protection of their revolutionary innovations.

Our services include the filing and prosecution of manufacturing patent applications in various spheres of the industry and processing numbers of trademark applications, compiling the IP portfolio and invisible assets of our clients.