Mechanical Engineering

New and improved materials and systems are being developed more than ever before in the field of mechanical engineering. Already existing materials are evolving rapidly and new systems are being created to replace the old ones. The field of robotics and new software for analyzing, modelling and designing objects is creating immense possibilities which did not exist before. New classes of materials are also being developed, e.g. nanostructures, functional gradients, and more.

These innovations create a pathway for the future of engineering. And the right kind of protection empowers them and helps create even more opportunities for partnerships and growth. Our highly experienced patent team of engineers know all too well the importance of such ideas in this field and are efficient at serving and assisting our clients in making the most of their innovations and avoiding exploitation.

Our team has the experience and wherewithal of adequately managing the portfolios of our numerous clientele. We provide them the best in the protection of their products and technical solutions from any type of exploitation or unfair advantage of their intellectual property. We provide filing and prosecution of mechanical engineering patent applications in various spheres of the industry and processing numbers of trademark applications, compiling the IP portfolio and assets of our clients.