Microorganisms play a huge role in almost every part of our planet; this is why the role of microbiology in virtually every field of science cannot be understated. With almost 99% of the microbes on the planet uncultured, this huge untapped resource is behind a lot of research and discovery in the fields of virology, parasitology, bacteriology, mycology, phycology, and various other branches of biology.

These discoveries and innovations are the future; and the right kind of protection empowers them and helps create even more opportunities for partnerships and growth. Our highly experienced patent team with experience in this sphere know all too well the importance of such research findings in this field and are efficient at serving and assisting our clients in making the most of their innovations and avoiding exploitation.

Our services include the filing and prosecution of microbiology patents and plant varieties applications in various spheres of the industry and the different stages of prosecution, compiling the IP portfolio and invisible assets of our clients.