Mining Technologies

The growing necessity of operating through sustainable environmental practices and re-earning their social license to operate, among other things, is causing mining companies to consider significant changes in the near future. These changes involve several modifications like leveraging on technological innovations sensors, actuators and a new range of mining equipment to drive productivity. Also new developments are being made to lower fuel consumption and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In addition there have been new innovations on genomic mining solutions, wearable technologies, machine learning to reduce labor costs and even hybrid airships for easier transportation of equipment to remote regions.

These and many more innovations in this field beg the protection of their intellectual property. Our highly experienced team of patent attorneys know all too well the importance of such innovations in the field of mining technologies, and are efficient at serving and assisting our clients in making the most of their inventions and avoiding exploitation.

Our team has the experience and wherewithal of adequately managing the portfolios of our clientele. We provide them the best in the protection of their products and technical solutions, leveraging on our in-depth knowledge of legislation in our jurisdictions. We provide filing and prosecution of patent applications in various spheres of the industry, compiling the IP portfolio and invisible assets of our clients.