Oil and Gas

With lowered oil prices, global oil companies are beginning to look seriously into digital technologies and how they can help enhance development and productivity. These changes have the potential of helping save billions of dollars in operation costs. Developments are being made on robotic process automation for handling complex and repetitive tasks, 4D seismic technology is being implemented to minimize drilling risk and maximize ROI, and cloud computing is being used and developed to enable workers access information in real-time from oil fields and drilling platforms.

These are only some of the developing innovations in the oil and gas industry for better, cheaper operations in the future, as well as increased productivity and ROI. The protection of intellectual property is undoubtedly vital where these innovations are concerned. And our team of patent engineers are adequately equipped with experience and knowledge in this sector to understand the needs of our clients. Thereby providing quality service in the protection of the rights of our clientele of the oil and gas industry, allowing them the peace of mind they deserve in the knowledge that their inventions are sufficiently protected.

We work from the filing stage to grant of protection, providing invaluable counsel to our clients every step of the way. In filing registrations, responding to refusals or office actions, appealing the decision of the examination to bring about a positive outcome, our team communicates with the client effectively, to produce the desired result in the protection of their products and technical solutions.