This fundamental science discipline produces a lot of answers on questions centered around the behavior of the universe. It is also the science behind numerous discoveries and innovations. These developments are made in different aspects of physics which include the experimental achievements in flavor physics, new and developing trends in computational physics, nano-physics and devices technology, nanoscale friction, random networks for communication, medical physics, quantum mechanics and much more.

Innovations rule in the world of intellectual property, and vice versa. In a field such as physics, the importance of such protection goes without saying. This is why our team of patent attorneys are adequately equipped with experience and knowledge in this sector to understand the needs of our clients. This enables them provide quality service in the protection of the rights of our clientele, giving them the assurance they deserve in the knowledge that their cutting-edge technologies are sufficiently protected.

Our services include the filing and prosecution of patent applications in various spheres of the industry and the different stages of prosecution, compiling the IP portfolio and invisible assets of our clients.