Radio Electronics

Electronics engineers have been on their toes with the amount of development and innovation going on in the industry. The world of information technology has opened new doors, even windows, and no sector has been left untouched. New innovations based on the new 5G network are underway and foundation tests have begun. New technology is also being developed to enable lithium-ion batteries charge 5 times faster; which could help the design of energy storage systems for numerous uses. Also anti-shock and vibration lenses to improve the performance of robotics and industrial applications are being developed. This among numerous other innovations in the industry.

The patent attorneys and engineers on our team have experience which enables them understand the intricacies involved in radio electronics research to adequately communicate with our clients. They understand their needs and provide them quality service to the success of their enterprises.

Our clients who face increasing competition daily in emerging and developing markets rely on us to provide adequate protection of their assets and intellectual property. This is why the IPR Group team, understanding the value of this protection, provides in-depth insight in the workings of IP legislation to give our clients top-quality service within the countries of our jurisdiction.