Semiconductor Technology

Like every aspect of engineering and technology, semiconductors have been experiencing multiple improvements and developments which have been revealing new phases in their potential. Quite recently, new technology on embedding highly conductive nanostructure into semi-conductor nanofiber has been developed. This would enable the wide application of superb charge conductivity especially in environmental arena. New devices which can significantly reduce energy waste in data centers, electric cars and the power grid are also being created. And new chips are being developed which can manage the power/battery life of electrical devices, enabling them last longer.

These inventions and more in this sector require intellectual property protection to retain their value and guard against misuse. Our Patent and Trademark Attorneys in addition to intellectual property certification have degrees and valuable years of experience in these areas which gives them an in-depth understanding of the needs of our clients and enables them provide better strategies in the prosecution and protection of their innovations.

Our services include patent filing or registration, responding to office actions or appealing the decisions of the examination in any of the countries of the CIS and the EAPO. Our clients are confident that they can count on us for top quality service. We are well aware of the critical and time consuming nature of the industry. This is why our experts work promptly and seamlessly, to provide each and every one the best in protecting their diverse range of inventions.