Sound Processing Systems

Technology is evolving at a very high rate and current innovations could be out of date in the next six months or a year. Sound processing systems are not left out in this continuous development. Developments in AV and VR are also encouraging innovations in the quality of sound. In the same vein, the numerous developments in IoT are also encouraging innovations in sound processing systems to accommodate and work in line with these improvements. And new developments of System on Chip (SOC) is paving the way for Software-defined Systems (SDS); everything is becoming software defined.

These are but a few of the innovations in this field as technology is proving to be inexhaustive. These numerous innovations are the reason why the protection of intellectual property is even more vital now than before. At the IPR Group we provide our clients the best in the protection of their products and technical solutions against misuse and any unfair advantage.

In filing registrations, responding to refusals or office actions, appealing the decision of the examination to bring about a positive outcome, our team adequately communicates with the client every step of the way, guiding and advising to produce the desired result in the protection of their products and innovations.