At the end of 2019 the IPR Group established a new tradition – conducting a special annual corporate conference to summarize the firm’s achievements in the outgoing year and discuss plans and ideas for the developmental growth of the company for the following year and long-term prospects.

At the debut of this annual conference, many important issues were raised. The topics for discussion included main strategies and goals for the firm’s development for the next 5 years on the regional intellectual property protection market of the CIS and at the national level.  Proposals for improving and extending the firm’s activity in the short-term, operational plans and ideas, analysis of strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the firm in the ever-changing environment, among other outstanding issues of patent, trademark and copyright protection matters were deliberated.

In providing highly qualified services to all our esteemed clients, the year 2019 was a very busy one, nonetheless, a productive and successful at the same time. Despite the fact that the Examination in some countries of our jurisdiction applied stronger approaches, we succeeded in maintaining and providing high-level professional services to our clients and in obtaining protection for numerous trademarks, patents and designs in these countries.

Attorneys of the IPR Group attend numerous IP events across the globe yearly, and this year was no exception. In sharing experiences in IP, the IPR Group team made publications, presentations and participated in such events as INTA, IIPLA, UNION IP, GRUR and many others.

IPR Group grows continually in its number of partners. We are pleased to congratulate one of our colleagues from the patent department who graduated to the position of a partner in the IPR Group. We also warmly welcome two newcomers in the trademark department, who joined the firm in 2019.

Summarizing the results of the conference, the IPR GROUP team agreed on and approved new business and developmental goals for the upcoming year.

Thanks to the conference, our team members, discussed their achieved goals and shared their professional experiences amongst each other during this time.

We wish all our colleagues, clients and friends, prosperity and continuous development in the New Year 2020!