IPR Group has decades of experience and continues to improve its skills in providing patent translation services

IPR Group has a dedicated team that specializes in patent and technical translations, which are an important part of the patent process for every client.  Intellectual property translations are vital in gaining legal protection and filing applications in any country of concern; therefore, we provide these services in facilitating the registration and prosecution of our clients’ IP.

For decades our company has been providing translations of patent applications in various fields of technology and has continued to improve in this field. Every year we increase our percentage of market presence of all filed patent applications.

With our operations office located in Ukraine, IPR Group experts process hundreds of patent applications annually, entering them to the PCT National Phase in Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Moldova and the regional phase for PCT Entries to the EAPO.

Patent Translation Services

IPR Group has been a provider of patent translation and filings in various industries since its inception in 1999. With decades of experience in this regard, we continue to represent our clients at the national Patent Offices of all CIS countries and the EAPO. Our team ensures that each translation is in compliance with patent legislation and the statutory rules of prosecution for each national patent office. Our processes also ensure that these patent translations are prepared expertly and in accordance with all applicable requirements without any additional costs to the client or hidden fees.

The patent translations team for IPR Group provides patent translation services in 4 language combinations. These are:

  • English to Russian.
  • English to Ukrainian.
  • Russian to Ukrainian.
  • Ukrainian to Russian.

We work closely with our colleagues in each country of our jurisdiction to provide patent searches, filings and translations to the highest standards for each of our clients. Giving a personalized service and legal opinions that afford them the best chances of properly securing their IP.

IPR GROUP patent engineers proofread application translations for a pharmaceutical originator’s leading biotech company

Our Experts

Our patent translators have a deep understanding of both the patent process and the languages in which the patent is written, and are able to translate documents accurately. Patent engineers also check the appropriateness of translations of each technical term in the context of the applications to ensure smooth substantive examinations by the experts of the National Patent Offices or the EAPO.

Choosing the right one from a number of patent translation services can be difficult, and it is important to find a service that has a good reputation and that is staffed by qualified translators. The service should also be able to translate documents quickly and accurately. Our experts, i.e. patent translators, guarantee the accuracy of our translations for obtaining patents as well as the licensing and protection of the full scope of IP rights.

Our Patent Attorneys who are familiar with the requirements of examinations, also proofread and certify each executed document before the further filing of patent applications for PCT national phase entry. Each translation is reviewed for accuracy of terminology, completeness, and compliance with the national filing requirements.

Our expertise lies in translations and the preparation of PCT applications for submission to the national phases on behalf of our clients, representing them at the national Patent Offices of all the CIS countries and EAPO.

We translate: Office actions, Prior art documents, Opinions of international searching authorities, Prosecution correspondence and proceedings and more.

We are currently working intensively to cover new language pairs. Stay tuned for our announcement of updates in the near future.


When choosing a patent translation service, it is important to consider the cost.

Patent translation processes can be complex, and it is important to choose a service that can handle all of the complexities involved while keeping costs at a minimum. Our services are cost-effective and budget friendly, enabling us provide clients with top-quality and accurate results at reasonable prices, creating and strengthening relationships to last a lifetime.

It is important to note that this year, our decades of experience in translating patent documents was also strengthened by working and handling the process under extreme conditions.

When military actions on the territory of Ukraine began on February 24, 2022, our team of translators responsible for translating language pairs with Ukrainian were present in the region. Employees who were working under intense attacks were relocated to safe places, but they kept communication lines open, saving parts of the translated text on remote servers, allowing them to avoid disruption of work or miss deadlines and to keep adequate control over the business process. In spite of such conditions the quality of translations has remained at an absolutely high level.

Our team has established itself as probably the only or one of the few services of patent translations with experience in working under war conditions.

We will provide you the best possible service and the necessary translation quality needed for patent filing at the best possible price.

You can contact us for more information or any questions regarding the patent translation process or any other related queries. We will be happy to assist.