IPR Group front team stands in solidarity amidst invasion

There is also work alongside the war; and it is under these conditions that the front team for the IPR Group office in Kyiv met for a corporate meeting to discuss cases and general management of work operations as we approach the second half of 2023.

This meeting also provided the opportunity to discuss events which occur in the conflict, as well as providing encouragement to continue to stand together in solidarity for a victorious Ukraine.

IPR Group is thankful to the front team staff, who through their hard work and bravery in such destabilizing times, have ensured that we meet the needs and demands of our clients across our many jurisdictions.

Despite persistent missile strikes and drone attacks from the invaders, we are committed to continuing our duties and to provide ample support for a free Ukraine.

We would like to appreciate all who support Ukraine from abroad; governments, NGOs and volunteers, as well as our clients and friends who have stood beside us during these arduous times.