Largest European IP Convention & Trade Fair “IP Connecting People”

The IPR GROUP team attended IP Service World, the largest European IP Convention & Trade Fair “IP Connecting People”, which held on the 22nd – 23rd of November 2021 in Munich, Germany.

The meeting gathered participants from 55 countries, of industry representatives and IP services vendors, so it was a great opportunity to enhance our IP sufficiency and refine our current strategy for particular IP cases.

Bearing in mind that implementing digital solutions and data analysis tools for daily IP cases is a significant step for setting up further AI-powered patent searches and analytics programs, our team was focused on reviewing existing programs and sharing our own experience with other establishments.

Since the IPR GROUP company has been purposefully progressing for many years in the development of work both from the angle of logistics and the organization of the internal environment as well as the automation of processes through software solutions, the company’s employees were glad to get acquainted with proposals on the markets with similar solutions, and also raised and presented recommendations for the improvement of some products.

Also considering the extensive experience of the team in filing trademark and patent applications including PCT entries to the national phases and the prosecution of patent applications, and management of IP cases, the opinion of the IPR group team gives an advantage to the software developers to get acquainted with the approach of experts in this field to in the use and improvement of technical solutions.

The many stands open for demonstration as well as private shows gave a full impression of the current trends in software in relation to the intellectual property sector.

It should also be noted that in spite of the difficult pandemic situation, the organization took all necessary measures to ensure the comfort of participants in the event.

We would like to express our gratitude to the management teams for the thorough organization of the event and appreciation to the participants for their fruitful time together.