Ms. Victoria Soldatova, speaker for the IIPLA 4th Annual Meeting in Palo Alto on September 24-25, 2019

Ms. Victoria Soldatova, Senior Trademark Counsel participated as a speaker at the Annual Meeting of the International Intellectual Property Law Association in Palo Alto, USA.

Sunny California hosted an annual gathering of IP practitioners from all over the world to discuss new developments in the field IP rights protection and share useful tips and insights with colleagues from various countries.

Ms. Victoria Soldatova was among the panelists for the third session: Trademark squatting: Protecting trademarks across borders. It was a lively discussion on how to protect the brand owner from trademark and domain trolls and what can be done in order to defend the right holder’s rights in the quickest and most efficient ways. Proactive and defensiv ways to secure the rights of trademark owners, were high on the agenda during this session.

The IP lawyers –  John Moetteli, Esq. from Switzerland, Sushila Chanana from US/India,  Hongtao Wang from China, Diane Gabl Kratz from Seagate company, US and David Schnurr from Canada, exchanged their views and advice on how to protect the mark in the most efficient way from the point of view of the laws in their jurisdictions as well as on the international market.

The discussion provoked lots of interest amongst attendees and the Q&A session which followed after the input of the speakers, filled with interesting opinions, questions, comments.

We will like to express our thanks to the organizers of this exquisite event that provided a lot of educational and networking opportunities.