Intellectual Property Days in Munich, 24-26 September.


By the invitation of:

CPA GLOBAL – a world leader in the development of solutions for management of portfolios of intellectual property rights and software for professionals in the field of IP;

MBP (Meissner Bolte & Partners)  – a famous German law firm specializing in intellectual property matters

The IPR GROUP patent attorneys participated in the events held in Munich on 24-26 September.

The CPA GLOBAL seminar featured actual solutions on how to effectively manage the processes at all stages of the acquisition and disposition of intellectual property rights. The presented solutions enable professionals to effectively solve their tasks – from a patent search, assessment of novelty and inventive step, to assessing a portfolio of intellectual property rights used to define the capitalization of enterprises.


MBP (Meissner Bolte & Partners) – a famous German law firm of patent attorneys acting on behalf of manufacturing companies from various industries. Germany is the most industrialized country of the European Union. Representing the interests of their clients the MBP attorneys accumulated a unique experience and knowledge, which in combination with the energetic style of doing business, makes this German company one of the most famous and effective patent firms in the world.

The speakers of the conference, patent attorneys with a broad practice, gave presentations on the system of acquisition and protection of intellectual (industrial) property rights in Germany, USA, China, Japan as well as the European Union as a regional association with a unified system of examination of applications and protection of rights.

The presentations from the European Patent Office (EPO) and trademark office (OHIM) were very informative and gave a detailed overview on the procedure of examination of applications.

However, one of the most important features of the conference was the participation of employees from the patent departments of manufacturing companies, whose presentations in combination with the views expressed by experts of patent offices and practicing patent attorneys gave a comprehensive insight into the system and mechanisms of protection of intellectual property rights in various jurisdictions.

We would like to express our thanks to the organizers and attendees. Oktoberfest, which is traditionally held on these days in Munich, added unforgettable impressions and friendly atmosphere to the event!