VII (XXII) Annual scientific and practical conference

VII (XXII) Annual scientific and practical conference
“Current practices of patent attorneys”

The IPR Group took part in the annual scientific and practical conference “Current practices of patent attorneys”, organized by the Inter-regional public organization for the promotion of the Activity of Patent Attorneys “Chamber of Patent Attorneys”.

The conference took place at the “Potemkin” hotel from 22nd to 25th November at St. Petersburg, and brought together about 150 delegates-professionals in the field of intellectual property protection.


The conference covered questions and features of records management for patent application in Russia and abroad.

Brisk discussions and an in depth interest of the audience was caused by the reports of representatives of the Federal Institute of industrial property (FIPS). The specialists presented reports on the subjects: “Quality management of government services in the system of RuPTO” and “Modern trends in the development of institutions of trademarks and appellations of origin”. The speakers were competent and detailed in responding to all questions asked.

The event managers didn’t disappoint with the entertainment program, and all present enjoyed the concert of soloists from the Mikhailovsky theater! Performance artists contributed to lending the conference a relaxed and friendly atmosphere for confidential discussions on prospects for long-term partnerships.



At the conclusion of the conference, participants were involved in the business game “Court hearing “, which entails allowing participants to familiarize themselves with the problems and the nature of the questions, which usually arise in the course of court proceedings.


IPR Group thanks the Chamber of Patent Attorneys for the overall fruitful atmosphere, the organization and for the high information content of the conference!