The IPR Group Christmas & New Year Reception

The IPR Group Christmas & New Year Reception took place at the company’s business lounge.

The wonderful atmosphere of the lounge made it favorable for pleasant discussions and exchange of views and experiences among the colleagues the IPR Group in summing up all the achievements of the year of 2016.

This year brought a lot of challenges and interesting cases which have been successfully resolved by the IPR Group team to the maximum benefit of the clients.

Throughout the year every member of the team made a valuable contribution to the ongoing successful business growth and development of the company, with everyone ready to reach more heights and successes in defending the IP rights and interests of our esteemed clients.

The IPR Group NY Reception included a speech from the Managing Partner Mr. Kistersky, where he outlined the key strategic business development plans for the new year and also summarized what had been achieved, mentioning the significant results that this year had showed.

Every team member had an opportunity to greet the colleagues and guests of the party, also to extend to them the best wishes for the Christmas and New Year and to present their own vision for how they see the future of the company.

The guests of the party enjoyed delicious food, exclusive drinks and wonderful music as well as relaxed and friendly conversations with the staff.