Meeting and round table, Novaya Kakhovka, 2017

Meeting and round table “The rights to geographical indications, registration procedure, export and import of products protected as geographical indications”
Novaya Kakhovka (UA), June 29, 2017


The IPR GROUP Patent attorneys took part in the regional working meeting with representatives of small and medium-sized agribusinesses in the framework of the round table “The rights to geographical indications, registration procedure, export and import of products protected as geographical indications”.
The meeting took place on June 29, 2017 in Novaya Kakhovka, located in the developed agricultural and wine region on the south of Ukraine (Kherson region), with the support of European and national NGOs: International Visegrad Fund, Development Policy Foundation (PL), Kyjovské Slovácko v pohybu (CZ), Felso-Homokhátság Vidékfejlesztési Egyesület (HU), Mas Kras (SK), LGD Vistula Terra Culmensis (PL), Casa Parinteasca (MD), TEMI Charitable Union (GE), Kakheti Regional Development Fund, Agency for Regional Development “(UA), GO” In Unity Force “(UA). The round table was also attended by representatives of state services and regional administrations responsible for development of the agrarian industry and agriculture.
Kherson region is the area where the largest agro-industrial companies of Ukraine are located. They have unique traditions, which originate from the past time when French colonists began to develop the region, to plant first vineyards and produce wine. During the process of grapes cultivation and selection, a special culture of vine had emerged with unique properties due to the climate and soil.


This high-quality raw material issued for production of the Tavria goods under the registered geographical indication “Brandy and Wine of Tavria”. The interests of the holder of the rights during the registration process were presented by the IPR GROUP patent attorneys.


At the round-table, during consultations with representatives of businesses the procedures of registering rights for geographical indications and trademarks were explained by the IPR Group representatives, as well as ways to protect rights and possibilities of accounting of intellectual property objects as enterprise assets.


During discussions with representatives of the state and regional authorities, the high importance of the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, which manufacture products containing geographical indications was explained, due to parallel development of small businesses, associated with geographical indications – tourism, agro tourism, restaurant and hotel business. Replacing large industrial enterprises in the structure of the economy, small and medium-sized businesses contribute to balancing of the regional taxation basis, increasing its investment attractiveness, as well as providing opportunities for effective development of small communities, communal property, local infrastructure and social projects.

We work to facilitate the transfer of the European experience in regional development, including participation of small and medium-sized companies – producers of products with geographical indications, and ensuring effective protection of intellectual property rights – tasks which are solved by IPR GROUP patent attorneys in the context of changes in the socio-political situation in Ukraine and Ukraine’s economic integration into the European economic development model.