IPR Group representatives attended Business.People Party

Representatives of the IPR GROUP took an energetic part in the Business.People Party, which was held on August 31, 2017.

The agenda envisaged the following activities:

  • fast business meetings session (business speed-dating);
  • playing “Mafia” game;
  • lottery.

Around 150 participants of the Business People Party, during business speed-dating sessions, had an opportunity to strengthen existing contacts and establish new, as well as useful business collaborations, communicate with friends and partners, and network with professionals in various spheres of business.

In the framework of business communication, representatives of the IPR GROUP discussed the issues concerning current practices and problems in protection of the intellectual property rights in Ukraine and on the international market. During meeting, we provided advice on possible protection of trademarks and patents, as well as copyrights, especially for computer and training programs.

We believe that such meetings help a lot to expand business ties between the participants. From our part, we are always pleased to provide assistance in the protection of intellectual property rights for our new contacts and already established clients not only in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and the CIS, but also all over the world.