133rd INTA Annual meeting, San Francisco: we thank our partners and colleagues for long-term partnership

This year in San Francisco took place the 133rd Annual meeting, where the solid team of IPR Group appeared to meet old friends as well as establish new contacts, determining to expand worldwide.

We were very surprised and happy towards perceiving the unique existing amicable atmosphere during Annual the current year. Also the fact of fruitful and prosperous after-effect, that can already be tracked, cannot be denied.

Also we thank our partners and colleagues for having the opportunity to meet during INTA Annual this year, long-term partnership as well as further advancement of business relations.

Dr. Klaus LATZEL, Beckord & Niedlich (left), Mr. David MOORE, Cornwall Stodart (right) – new and old friends of the IPR GROUP team.

Vitaliya SHABANOVA (IPR GROUP), Anna SOBCZYK and Agnieszka Przyborska-Bojanowska are sharing the positive impression after workshop.