The Attorneys of the IPR Group attended INTA’s European Trademark Conference

The Attorneys of the IPR Group attended INTA’s European Trademark Reforms Conference and INTA’s European Conference on Trademarks and the Internet in Dublin, Ireland, on December 8-9.

The focus of the European Trademark Reforms Conference was on general issues such as consistency and harmonization of EU trademark law and practice as well as particular issues, among which were the proof of the trademark use and acquired distinctiveness, changes to the length of the validity period of the trademark and the grace period for the non-use. Online brand name protection, the emerging domain name marketplace and optimizing new tools for effective trademark protection were high on the agenda at the Conference on Trademarks and the Internet.

We would like to express our thanks the members of the organizing committee and participants of these advanced-level conferences for a valuable opportunity to gain first-hand information from leading trademark professionals, to share and exchange views on trademark protection in view of rapidly growing online marketplace and to develop proposals on current trademark practices that meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Opening of the conference Trademarks and the Internet.

Vitaliya Shabanova (IPR GROUP) and Seamus Doherty (Cruickshank Intellectual Property Attorneys).

Vitaliya Shabanova (IPR GROUP) and Larissa Best (Avantiq).

Vitaliya Shabanova (IPR GROUP) and Elisabeth Zakl-Buchner (SONN & PARTNER Patentanwälte).