IPR GROUP Observation and case-study for overcoming provisional refusals in trademark

This in-depth analysis of the current trademark examination practice illustrated by recent typical and non-typical cases successfully resolved by the Attorneys of the IPR Group.

The focus of the research is on the absolute and relative grounds of refusal in registration of the trademark across CIS member states as well as the best possible strategies for overcoming the provisional refusals issued by the national Patent Office in aforesaid states.

The particular value of this publication is that it highlights key aspects that should be born in mind when applying for trademark registration in the CIS region and help choose the best trademark registration strategy allowing to avoid and overcome obstacles to registration of trademarks in CIS member states.

Observation and Case-study for Overcoming Provisional Refusals in Trademark Practice in CIS Member States

The requirements and details for trademark registration in Russia from the perspective of a Russian trademark Attorney, are available at http://iprgroup.info/services/trademarks/russia/