The meeting of patent attorneys organized by the IPR GROUP and Friday Afterwork reception took place on October 26.

Within the framework of the meeting a lecture was given to patent attorneys and lawyers specializing in the protection of trademarks. The focus of the lecture was on registration of Cyrillic trademark in Germany, the scope of rights and particular features of trademark examination. The Guest Speaker – Mr. Eckard Nachtwey (Heinz, v. Rothkirch, Nachtwey Rechtsanwälte, Germany). The lecturer gave examples of the acquisition of trademark rights and analyzed the grounds for provisional refusals and possibilities to overcome them. A summary of the decisions issued by Patent Office Examiners as well as the argumentation taken into consideration when filing an objection against these decisions, were presented to the public.

We would like to express our thanks to the patent attorneys and lawyers for taking part in these events.