Nikolay Burak

Trademark Counsel

Nikolay joined the IPR Group team in 2019 and advises clients on all trademark related matters.

As Trademark Counsel, he processes searches and provides legal opinion on the registrability of trademarks on absolute and relative grounds. He proofreads and carefully verifies lists of goods and services according to the latest edition of the Nice classification, files and prosecutes applications up to the issuing of certificates. In the case of provisional refusals which could normally be forecast with a search report, Nikolay is able to draft deeply grounded objections on provisional refusals raised by the examiner of TMO and overcome rejections of trademark registrations. This expertise is also helpful in overcoming provisional refusals issued on International trademark applications designated according to the Madrid Agreement in the territory of CIS countries. He routinely drafts legal opinions on this matter and manages the filing of objections.

Nick also has a broad experience in drafting C&D letters to stop the infringement of IP rights on the internet as well as for offline stores; entering records on IP objects to custom registers, and pursuing infringers with all legal measures, including court actions.

In processing trademark cases, Nikolay gained expertise in assignments of trademark portfolio and registration of license agreements with IP authorities.

Additionally, Nick gained expertise in patent and copyright matters from his former position in a reputable law firm.

A graduate of the Faculty of Law at Khmelnytsky University of Management and Law, Nikolay holds a Bachelor’s degree with honors; as well as a Master’s degree from the Kyiv Institute of Intellectual Property and Law.

Speaking on his fondness for IP practice, Nick stated, “Working with trademarks purposed for new products, or with inventions which will be transferred into industry within a certain period, allow me see the future, a future which comes into life also through the screen on my desktop, -so, I’m proud to serve as a reliable assistant for all things new, which make our world better.”

Nikolay has several hobbies which include, playing golf, reading and watching theater performances.

Recent publications:
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Languages: English, Ukrainian, Russian and Polish.