Recognition of well-known trademarks in Azerbaijan

The mark for goods and services registered in the territory of Azerbaijan or registered under the Madrid Agreement on international registration of trademarks, as well as a non-registered trademarks which have acquired a general notoriety among relevant circles of people as a result of its active use, can be recognized as a well-known trademark.

The authorized agency for the acknowledgement of trademarks as well-known, is the State Committee on Standardization, Metrology and Patents.

The regulatory act under which the mark is recognized as well-known, is Article 7 of the Law on Trademarks.

Application for the recognition of a trademark as well-known

The basis for recognition of a trademark as well-known is an Application filed by an interested individual or juridical person.

Evidences certifying the well-knownness of a trademark

These include documents, which can confirm:

  • The extent of popularity among the consumers of goods and services, for which the trademark is used in the territory of Azerbaijan;
  • Trade channels and the commercial sphere of goods and services of the trademark
  • Information from relevant customer circles on the quality of corresponding goods;
  • The territory of the use of the trademark, duration and geographical extent of such use, including documents confirming the exhibiting of goods and services, promotion of the trademark, and advertising;
  • Information, indicating the share of the company globally as well as on the market of Azerbaijan.