Trademarks Licensing in Turkmenistan

Recordal of the Trademark License Agreement with PTO is mandatory.

The following information and documents are required for Recordal of License:

  • Three notary certified copies of the agreement signed and sealed by the Parties (legalization or apostille is not required);
  • The list of trademarks to be licensed, which shall be certified by the signatures and seals of the licensor and the licensee;
  • Power of Attorney from both Licensor and Licensee duly signed and sealed with a company stamp;
  • Payment of relevant official fees.

The following information should be mentioned in a trademark license agreement:

  • Full details on the trademark or trademarks that are the subject of the agreement;
  • The name and address of the Licensor and Licensee;
  • Scope of right (full; exclusive; non-exclusive);
  • Period of validity and terms of termination;
  • Terms of resolution of disputes;
  • Provision on force major circumstances;
  • The specific trademark right or rights to be licensed, including the geographic territory in which the marks are being licensed;
  • The provision on nature and quality of the goods and/or services with which the licensee may use the trademark, also known as a “quality control provision,” is mandatory;
  • The royalty amount and terms of payment

The regular time frame of recordal of license is 3 months.