Recognition of well-known trademarks in Uzbekistan

Regarding the procedure of registration of well-known trademarks in Uzbekistan, it is important to note that although there have been several attempts, no trademark has yet been acknowledged as well-known in Uzbekistan.

A trademark can be recognized as well known in the territory of Uzbekistan if it has acquired a general notoriety to a substantial segment of the public, has gained recognition through its active use and is also known to propietors on the Uzbek market in its areas of trade.

The authorized agency for acknowledgement of trademarks as well-known, is the Board of Appeal of the Agency of Intellectual Property.

The regulatory act under which the mark is recognized as well-known is the Rules of filing and examining of the Appeals by the Agency of Intellectual property as of 24.01.2009.

Application for recognition of the trademark as well-known:

The basis for recognition of the trademark as well-known is an Application filed by an interested natural or juridical person.

The Application must contain information from the day of which the trademark was first used and the date from which the applicant considers his/her trademark to be well-known in the territory of Uzbekistan.

The applications on acknowledgement of the trademarks as well-known in the Republic of Uzbekistan are examined by the Board of Appeal within two (2) months from the filing date.

Evidences certifying a trademark as well-known

These include documents which can confirm:

  • Intensive use.
  • The extent of well-knownness.
  • The volume of sales of such the applied goods and services.
  • Promotional details of the trademark, including advertising, exhibitions of goods (services) for which the trade mark is applied.
  • The average annual number of customers of the applied goods and services of the mark.
  • The duration and geographical extent of the use of the trademark globally.
  • Results of marketing surveys conducted by a specialized independent agency with due regard to the recommendations made by PTO.
  • Recognition of the trademark as well-known in other countries.
  • The cost (value) of the trademark.
  • Other evidences which could support the recognition of the trade mark as well-known.

The opinions (statements) of the inspection body on the production quality, distribution organizations, organizations and agencies for customers’ rights protection, declarations, quality certificates and other documents, can serve as proof of the long-term, continuous, intensive and large-scale use of the trademark.