The European IP community gets closer

Last week became an important milestone by the way of integrating Ukraine into the European intellectual property community.

The Bureau and Executive Committees (ExCo) of the highly reputable European association – Union-IP – decided to conduct the next Executive Committees meeting in Kyiv, Ukraine. Union-IP Executive Committees meetings are traditionally organized in different cities of EU member countries twice a year – in the Spring and in Autumn. Each time national delegates from prominent IP law firms of different EU countries compete to host the event.

This time it was decided to cross the EU border and to visit Ukraine.

It was a result of great work and several years of effort of the IPR Group team in planning, drafting of the road map and presenting the future event to the members of the Union-IP. Finally, at the ExCo meeting of November 05, 2021, a positive decision in favour of holding the next ExCo meeting in Kyiv was approved. It is a great honor for us to be selected as a reliable partner in organizing the event.

Union-IP is a private, free, international association of practitioners in the field of intellectual property, members of which are individuals and professionals in IP law and protection, whose activities are related to patents, trademarks or designs and related matters. It aims at influencing the development of intellectual property regulations in Europe, especially by making early submissions during the preparation of IP laws and treaties; and to improve professional and personal understanding between European practitioners in the intellectual property field, as well as patent and trademark Offices in different countries.

We are very much looking forward to welcoming the President, the Bureau, the Executive Committees members and the Delegates of the Union-IP on May 20, 2022 in Kyiv, Ukraine.