The New Year and Future Collaborations

To begin the New Year the IPR Group had the pleasure of hosting our colleague and now dear friend Mr. Andre Marchand, a European Patent Attorney as well as Intellectual Property Counsel for France in trademarks and industrial designs. Mr. Marchand is founder of Omnipat in Paris and also a Professional Representative before the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).  The meeting held at the IPR Group office in Kiev, Ukraine.

The meeting included discussions on possible future collaborations as well as main trends in the IP sphere in Europe, particularly in France. The Statistics of IP Objects filed by French applicants are available on the pages of jurisdictions. Possibilities to mutually participate in new projects of the IPR Group were also discussed and brief presentations of said projects were held during the meeting and discussed extensively. There was also discourse on the peculiarities of patent and trademark examinations in the collective jurisdictions where both companies operate.

The IPR Group team is always glad to meet with friends and colleagues from different regions of the world, to create better relationships and stronger collaborations in the world of IP and the benefit of our mutual clientele.

We thank Mr. Andre Marchand for his visit and welcome every available opportunity to collaborate and continue our mutual initiatives in subsequent meetings.