The World Intellectual Property Day with GÜN + PARTNERS in Istanbul

GÜN + PARTNERS celebrated the World Intellectual Property Day on April 26, 2019, by organizing a special event in Istanbul. This special event was dedicated to the role of women in IP. IPR Group representatives – Tatiana Lipovaya and Alyona Chernoknyzhnaya were among the attendees.


GÜN + PARTNERS also invited special guests from Turkey and abroad, who covered different topics on the agenda. Commercialization in IP, a review of trademark and patent cases in Turkey, Germany and UK court practices, enforcement issues, as well as best practices on anti-counterfeiting, were discussed and of utmost interest to participants at the event. A lot of useful information regarding trademark and patent protection were raised during presentations and discussions.


It was a pleasure and an honour to our representatives to be invited and to spend this lovely spring day with our colleagues. It was also nice to enjoy the friendly atmosphere, discuss interesting IP topics and agendas, as well as delicious food, which created a perfect environment for the exchange of views and experiences.


We would like to express our gratitude to GÜN + PARTNERS for such a memorable event, and we hope to continue our cooperation in the future.