X International Investment Forum “Tavria Horizons”

Participation of representatives of the IPR Group in the jubilee X International Investment Forum “Tavria Horizons: Cooperation, Investments, Economic Development”

September 29-30, 2017, Nova Kakhovka, Kherson Oblast

Representatives of the IPR Group took part in the X International Investment Forum “Taurian Horizons”.

This year, more than 750 participants from 25 countries attended the Forum. Among them were domestic and foreign investment companies, government officials, representatives of the diplomatic corps, international financial and donor organizations, experts in the field of economic development and investment, public organizations and academics.

The Forum was devoted to the prospects of the “green economy” in Ukraine and to the opportunities for Kherson Oblast in implementation of “green projects”.

During the discussions with the forum participants, attention was also given to the intellectual property protection issues. Manufactures widely discussed the possibilities of protecting their rights on trademarks, patenting inventions in the agrarian sector, as well as the issues related to registration and use of geographical indications, which are very actual for the Kherson region.

Kherson Oblast is one of the targeted regions in Ukraine, where registration of geographical indications is not only possible, but also necessary due to the peculiarities of climatic and land resources used for the production of food and winery.

Representatives of the IPR Group developed contacts with a number of participants and provided initial consultations to the new customers. Further cooperation with the forum’s participants and representatives of the oblast state administration will be continued.