The IPR GROUP began operations in the year 1999, and from inception, we have been recognized for stability and the provision of high quality IP representation.

We provide a complete package of qualified professional assistance in the field of Intellectual Property rights protection, embracing the regions of CIS Countries: Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan.

The Patent and Trademark Attorneys of IPR GROUP have in addition to intellectual property certification, degrees in technical, economic and legal spheres, as well as expertise in industry, scientific research, business management, patent, trademark and industrial design examination. Our experience enables us provide our clients excellent and effective services in all areas of intellectual property rights protection.

Patent Attorneys, experts and translators of our patent group have knowledge in various spheres of industry and technology. We provide filing and prosecution for PCT entries, including patent translation, drafting responses to office actions and appeal decisions of the examination. Our Attorneys have focused on national entries of PCT applications to Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and other CIS countries and regional entries of PCT applications to Eurasian Patent Organization (EAPO). They manage efficient business development alongside a number of IP firms and IP service providers who are in charge of entering a large number of PCT applications from various industries into the national or regional phases. Every year Patent Attorneys of the IPR GROUP manage hundreds of PCT applications within the jurisdictions of the 12 CIS countries.

Trademark Attorneys of the trademark team have had many successful cases in trademark applications and rights protection, rendering full line legal services, which include drafting of Legal Opinions on overcoming provisional refusals for international trademark applications issued by the examination of Trademark Offices of the CIS countries and objections on provisional refusals. Our Attorneys have handled several set trends for the practice of examination cases for automotive, electronic, pharmaceutical and chemistry well-known manufacturers and have so far processed a number of pharmaceutical trademarks portfolios of originators and generic manufactures for registration, licensing and assignments. We have also significant experience in the field of Trademark Registration according to national regulations of the CIS.

The Attorneys at Law of Litigation & Anti-counterfeiting group handle trademark cancellation, patent invalidation and infringement elimination cases on behalf of our clients. We have efficiently interact with the customs authorities in counterfeiting related matters, entering records on the intellectual property objects to the custom registers, and communication with customs on the related matters. Our Attorneys have prepared numbers of litigation strategies and handle numerous court cases in Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Georgia and other CIS countries.

Significant business experience and years of practice have enabled us to adequately understand and meet our clients’ requirements. Please feel free to contact us.