Diversity & Inclusion

A Culture of Diversity & Inclusion

IPR Group continuously strives to create a workplace where everyone, regardless of race or orientation, can freely work together to achieve our goals in IP. Maintaining an environment of diversity and inclusion is top priority in every one of our 12 jurisdictions. Every member of our team is treated with the same respect and dignity in the workplace, allowing everyone be the best version of themselves, which inevitably results in better teamwork and results that give our clients what they deserve, the best in IP protection and prosecution.

Transparency & Equal Pay

At IPR Group we are determined to maintain a workplace that upholds gender balance, diversity and inclusion in all of our departments and all the levels of our administration. A positive space that gives all of our employees the ability to be their best selves within and outside the workplace, and to achieve their full potential in all aspects of their lives. This is why we continue to strive to maintain gender balance in our management and continually ensure that there is no gender pay gap among our employees in all of our locations. It is our vision that as we grow, our ability to maintain this inclusive workplace for all of our staff while providing high quality service to our clients, will continue to grow as well.

LGBTQI Equity, Inclusion & Diversity

Our strategy for diversity and inclusion incudes promoting the awareness and equity of LGBTQI people in the workplace and in society. We are determined to maintain a space in which they can work freely without any fear of being discriminated. What we strive to maintain, regardless of gender, sexual orientation or race at IPR Group, is commitment, innovation, collaboration and productivity. We also hope that with this culture of inclusion, we can act as pacesetters in our industry and in this part of the world to contribute to the chain reaction in advocacy for LGBTQI equality around the world.

It is our belief that diversity allows us to employ and retain the best talent in the industry. Instead of limiting us, it opens us up to every opportunity out there to give our clients the best. Our services are offered to clients across numerous countries and continents, and it is only right that our workforce reflects the same. This culture of diversity and inclusion acts like a superpower, enabling us to see from different perspectives, maintain flexibility and apply different, more creative and effective solutions to problems.